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Cereals and flakes production

Cereals and flakes production

The second most important food product (after flour), which is made from grain, is cereals. Many factors contribute to the quality of the cereals, in particular: the type of cereal, the quality of the processed grain, and the technology for its processing. For the production of cereals company “Vikom” uses a modern mechanized line, which provides productivity up to 20,000 tons per year. In the near future, it is planned to expand, which will make it possible to make flakes. The quality of the finished product and its compliance with all international norms and requirements of GOST standart is controlled by its own laboratory.

Properties of a grain of different cultures are different. However, any grain must meet the general requirements: to be benign, full-fledged, properly treated, to have favorable biochemical properties. Such requirements, as a rule, corresponding to the grain grown under the proper conditions. It is advisable to use raion grains. Weather, climatic conditions also affect the quality of the grain, and therefore, on the groats, obtained from it.

All cereals are rich in starch and, to a large extent, on squirrels. They are quite caloric products that are well absorbed by the human body when properly cooking. All methods of making the crops are based on mechanical technology, which in general can be shown by the following scheme: purification of grain from impurities → sorting of purified grains with grain size → peeling, separation of the core from films of kernel processing in different variants depending on the kind of grain and the variety of the obtained groats (crushing, grinding, polishing, rolling) → sorting of finished products.

At the first stage, the material is cleared of mineral and organic impurities, as well as various defective seeds. Depending on the type of culture, the grain can undergo various thermal treatment at this stage. Due to this, the grains lose the taste of bitterness.

The second stage includes peeling and grinding, as well as packaging of products. In addition, the nucleus extract from the surface of the whole nucleus, and the seeds itself get the desired form. As a result of these processes, a growth rate significantly increases digestibility, improves the taste. The sale of goods is intended for wholesale buyers.