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Grain elevator

Grain elevator in Vovkovyntsi, Khmel’nyts’ka oblast, 32200

Growing a grain crop is a long and hard-working process that requires a lot of effort, time and expense. However, grown and harvested grain is only half the work, because it still needs to be stored properly. The elevator of the “Komarovetske” bread acceptance enterprise, which is a part of the company Vikom, has been engaged in the storage of grain crops since 1938. As of 2018, the capacity of the grain composition is 42,100 tons, including 31,600 tons – storage warehouses (10 units), silages – 10,500 tons (3 units).

We provide a comprehensive service, which includes the following stages: reception of culture, determination of quality criteria, cleaning, accommodation and own storage. At the exit, you get formed batches of grain that meet the requirements of the desired target use.

Each grain operation in the elevator is fully mechanized and allows it to move freely in the required direction, for example, a drying fix, cleaning. Also, the grain elevator allows bringing large batches of agricultural crops to the necessary quality of the condition, to carry out quick loading and shipment. The maximum daily capacity for acceptance is up to 1000 tons by rail cars and up to 1000 tons by vehicles.
The grain elevator has 3 cleaning towers and a research laboratory for grain quality control.

The modern grain elevator’s infrastructure and the extensive professional experience of its employees ensure compliance with all technological processes, temperature regime and humidity regime, which in turn guarantees ideal storage conditions and prevents the occurrence of pests.